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there once was a small stone rolling down the side of a hill never gathering any moss as the proverbial saying goes but then it got stuck on something... it stayed stagnant for several years gathering moss and becoming part of the hill until one day an earthquake dislodged it and reluctantly the moss started giving way some if it torn away violently other pieces just slowly left behind but the rock could only keep rolling as it kept its path straight and true. it tried to keep a straight path at least. it veered left and right at the whim of the hill occasionally its own flaws causing it to veer off course of its own volition. the rock kept rolling. and its never stopped since the earthquake and the last few pieces of moss cling on for dear life to keep their homes but even they are dropping from the travelling stone slowly. soon the rock will be barren again and will find another crevice to hopefully collect moss once more.
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It was just another day for Cool or was it? He let the dogs out poking his head out the door to check the temperature as he turned around he noticed something out of the corner of his eye. "Hello what's this?" He mumbled to himself noticing the note had his name on it. "Heh,better read it I guess." He whispered to the world. He tore open the letter silently, trying not to wake his sister who lay asleep on the far end of the couch. He sat next to the curled up girl and proceeded to read the letter it had said he had been accepted into some boarding school.

You think I should continue it just a tidbit from what I've written could be a prompt I guess.

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